Restaurant Service

Front of House Service – Lake Inez

2020 to current

Lake Inez is a popular restaurant in Gerrard East with small-plate local fare and a fascinating natural wine list from unknown regions.

Front of House Guest Service
  • Ensured optimal guest experience through seating guests, taking orders, serving dishes with succinct drop lines, properly removing dinnerware, and other table services with a positive attitude.
  • Completed daily deposits and closing procedures.
  • Completed all opening & closing duties and daily & weekly cleaning.
  • Ran bar service, including making cocktails and mixed drinks.
Wine Service
  • Thorough understanding of the constantly changing Lake Inez Wine Portfolio
  • Conducted personal research on varietals, terroir, winemaking styles, and producers.
  • Used that research to design and upkeep wine notes used by all staff.
  • When on shift, would act as the go-to for wine recommendations based on food pairings.
  • Attended in-person tasting events with importers of wine and spirits as the Lake Inez representative.