Hi! I’m Amanda. I’m a user experience designer and aspiring winemaker. 👋🏾🍇

I used to think that I had to keep my obsession and occupation separate.
Now, I combine my passion for low-intervention wine with my practiced abilities as a designer to work with wineries, restaurants, and even wine shops to create websites that follow my ethos – approachable, holistic, and enticing. 
Life’s too short to not have fun while you work.
Want to be a part of what I get up to next?

My Work

Logistics & Website

Grape Witches, Toronto

Harvest 2022

  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Wine Club
  • Retail Management
  • UX Design

Winemaking Technician

Trius Winery, Niagara

2020 – current

  • Wine Production
  • Cellar Management
  • Inventory
  • Liquid Mangement System

UX & Website Designer

Freelance, Remote

2020 – current

  • UX Design Process
  • Human-Centered Approach
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO & Digital Marketing Plans

Visual Merchandising Specialist

Saje Natural Wellness


  • Retail Merchandising Campaigns
  • Store Operations
  • Vendor Management & Logistics
  • Graphic Design

My Values

Empathy First

I lead with my ability to understand the feelings of others. I excel at active listening.

Creative Thinking

As a natural artist, I use my imagination to keep my designs innovative and beautiful.

Resilient Iteration

Failure teaches us something we don’t know. I believe in constant iteration and don’t take feedback personally.

My Mission

To work in solidarity and partnership with marginalized groups to take down the systems that challenge their basic rights, equal access, safety, and ability to thrive in our society.